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SynopsisFilm TitleYear
James Stewart wonders what it would have been like without the citrus fruits...1946
Edward Norton talks to himself and starts an underground disco...1999
Leonardo Di Caprio works against Matt damon in a race to see who will be evicted from their country...2006
In Francis Ford Coppola's epic, it's not quite the end of the world yet...1979
A collection of wet papers form a small separatist group in Tarantino's masterpiece...1994
Leonardo Di Caprio leads a clan of pig meat in the 19th Century...2002
Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke reside in a troublesome estate, where the violence all stems from liquor...2005
Bruce Willis attempts to stop terrorists from staining clothes on Christmas Eve1988
After nearly dying, Uma Thurman vows to find her ex-lover and make him eat as much as possible...2003
Will Smith co-stars in this blockbuster about two police rucksacks...1995
SynopsisFilm TitleYear
Denzel Washington wins an Oscar for teaching his father...2001
The Coen brothers create a stunning thriller where no strange males are allowed...2007
Mark Hamill discovers a skin blemish in space...1977
Johnny Depp stars in this animated documentary abut The Beatles drummer...2011
Tom Hanks and Tim Allen spend time competing in a kid's shop...1995
Vin Diesel is so angry he can't help but clench his hands while driving...2001
Johnny Depp is brought in to solve a murder mystery involving headless lambs...1999
Jeremy Renner risks everything in Iraq to find a necklace...2008
De Niro and Pacino battle it out to discover which one is wearing the true tartan skirt...2008
Bruce Campbell stars in this classic horror about a truely devilish cranium...1981

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