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What is Butter's birth name?
When is Butter's birthday?
Who is Butter's Mother?
Who is Butter's Father
Villain Alter-Ego?
What year was Butters the Colorado State Tap-Dancing Champion?
In Quest for Ratings' what is Butter's supposed to be looking out for?
Nickname given by Paris Hilton?
Code Name in 'Imaginationland'
Wrestling gimmick in 'W.T.F'
After faking his own death, Butters turns into a girl named....
Who did Butters parents vote for in the 2008 election?
Instead of World of Warcraft, Butters like to play what video game?
Instead of 'Lord of the Rings' Butters accidentally watches what movie?
What sitcom does Butters future self constantly watch?
Who throws a shuriken into Butters eye?
Who breaks up with Butters and also works at Raisins?
What is Butters rank on the cutest to ugliest list?
Who is Butters accountabilabuddy?
What does Butters ask the Mayor of Imaginationland just before getting on the Imagination Balloon?
Who is Butter's bottom bitch?
Through his second novel, Butters ends up being responsible for the death of what celebrity?
Who bullies Butters?
What alter-ego is introduced in 'Butters Very Own Episode'
What does Stan call Butters in 'Two guys naked in a Hot Tub' ?
Cartman hides Butters from flesh-eating, radioactive __________
What is the name of the band that Butters is in along with Cartman and Token?
What restaurant endorsed Butters in 'Jared Has Aides' ?
While spying on the vampire kids, Butters accidentally hits play on his recorder. What is the name of the show that plays out loud on his recorder?
lu lu lu I've got some _______
lu lu lu, you've got some ________
What is Butters fast food themed catch phrase?
more often than not, Butters parents do what to Butters?
What is Butters favorite restaurant?
Where does Butters keep shooting people in 'The China Probrem' ?

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