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Can you name the objects relating to the winter holdiays?

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ASinger of the song 'Grown up Christmas List'
BMember of Santa's reindeer team
CMinty treat often enjoyed on Christmas
DPopular Christmas song
EMilky drink
FSanta Claus in England
GMain character of a famous Dr. Suess book
HTime of the year featuring Hannukkah and Christmas
IWhen water becomes frozen
JBorn on Christmas Day
KThird best known winter holiday
LPotato like treat for Hannukkah
MCandle holder used on Hannukkah
NSanta's real first name
OFind them on your tree
P2004 Christmas film
QWarm blanket
RFrezzes in clouds and turns to snow
SDelivers gifts to boys and girls around the world
TCounty of which Santa is said to be born in
UWhere you find your gifts at the tree
VAnother reindeer of Santa's team
WThe Grinch hated them
XAn abriviation for Christmas
YSnow Monster
ZPart of a coat

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