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Old comedy dude from 5th century BCE who attacked tragic writers of the time.
When a character talks for a sustained amount of time to another character or characters
Characters talk only to each other
Background information the understand the story better
Project personal memories on the characters with emotional recall
Wrote Antigone and Oedipus Cycle
Keeprs of communal wisdom who performed African Theater
Macbeth was written for him
Revolt against the artificiality of plays
The world of the play
Germany playwright synonymous with Epic Theater
Yo my name is Cain, I make it _______
Angry playwright who brings attention to the AIDS crisis
Wrote the Vagina Monologues
Theatre of the absurd, Eugene Ionesco, LAUGH
Larry Kramer's play which brought attention to AIDS
21st Century Theatre by John Guare
Pro women (****)
Does America have a National Theatre?
Writes the dialogue between the songs in Musical Theatre
Book/dialogue of the show
Writes the music
A fast, lively, or increased tempo
George Cohen was the definition of _________
Everything is sung....often by fat people
An idea or a theme
Musical which included rock music; audiences were shocked
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim - marriage
Nostalgia Musical....summer lovin!
Dark, cynical musicals, very unique dance ****....Cabaret
More interested in set design, Andrew Lloyd Weber
Character Musicals, wrote Guys and Dolls
Wrote Babes in Arms
composed by Lerner and Lowe, considered the perfect musical
The most influential choreographer
African American take on The Wizard of Oz
Fondness of things past
Spontaneous Inspiration, with a very natural Theory
#1 Gangsta of Theatre...wrote Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, etc...
When a character is alone onstage and speaks their inner thoughts aloud
Event that triggers the rest of the play
Tying up loose ends, everything after the climax
Russian director considered the father of modern acting
The longest epic poem in the world (Good luck spellin this right...)
The father of modern drama from Norway
What a character believes to be true and important?
African American who wrote the Piano Lesson and The Pittsburgh Cycle
Chicago playwright who created 'Mamet Speak'
Definition of Theater of the Absurd, KINDNESS
21st Century play written by Mamet
Type of theatre where a single character on a journey, who never adheres to realism
Type of theatre with no logic
A song about something the characters want
The words of a song
The dancing in the musical
Lewd comedy involving strippers!
Light opera...90% music
A delicious type of wine
The most famous opperetta people....you only need to get one of em...
Wrote Yankee Doodle, considered the definition of Vaudeville
104 years old, with over 2000 songs, wrote white x-mas
Known for risque, beautiful lyrics
I got rythym done by these two...just give their last name
Gangster play written by Frank Loesser
A play geared towards young people
Which Smash bros character would you bang?
Wrote the poetics, how theater got started
Wrote The Three Sisters, father of the short story
Talking to a character, and then to the audience, and then back to the character
The final battle between protagonist and antagonisnt
All events after the inciting incident leading up to the climax
A song or poem glorifying an event
Shakespeare's Theater or something...
What a character wants or needs that drives them through all or most of the play
What a character is willing to do to achieve a goal
Magical Realism, black comedy, stories shattered the fourth wall
Theatre founded in 1974, Chicago where they call BS on acting until it looks real
Writes the lyrics
The climax song
All the songs in the show
A form of a verse, often a narrative set to music
Shows with white people with black faces lol
Musical that starts the golden age of American musical theater
Wrote Oklahoma, The King and I, and a buncha other good ones....just name one of em!
Composer who wrote the music for Hello Dolly
An opera by Puccini, an Italian libretto
Wrote Cats, Jesus Christ Super Star, Phantom of the Opera, and more....
This play marks the end of the Golden age of American Musical Theater
Produced many movie musicals

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