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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter characters... In my mind?

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People what I knowCharacters in Harry Potter which correspJustification
Dean ClarkBlack, and can be amusing at times.
Ethan BatemanName is fitting, has silly eyes and hair. Threatens violence a lot.
Samuel LamontLikes hugs. Is very big.
Jonny RoxburghSmall, vexing.
Angus WilsonA self-obsessed twit that has interesting things happen to him.
Jack ReynoldsMysterious and spends to much time in dark rooms
Josh BaileyPompous, annoying at times and occasionally denies the truth
James FameltonIt's the hair.
People what I knowCharacters in Harry Potter which correspJustification
James CarrSwatty, righteous and throws an impressive tantrum
Craig MartinNegativity and pesmism are the key to this young man
Andrew TempleyThin, wooden and absolutley genius
Josh LambLoud, simpleton. sexually retarded
Alex Pierce harrisonStrong and sexually frustrated
Ricky ThompsonTall, wise
Jonathan RobertsonPotato heeeed
Errol KerrOwl like and a little clumsy.

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