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YearFilm TitleCharacter
1974Alleyway Mugger
1977Robert Eldridge
1979Aedile/Roman Citizen
1981Roger Porter
1984Martin Sawyer
1984Pfc. Melvin Peterson
1986George McKenna
1986Arnold Billings
1987Steve Biko
1989Xavier Quinn
1989Reuben James
1989Pvt. Trip
1990Napoleon Stone
1990Bleek Gilliam
1991Nicholas Styles
1992Demetrius Williams
1992Malcolm X
1993Don Pedro of Aragon
1993Gray Grantham
1993Joe Miller
1995Lt. Commander Ron Hunter
1995Lt. Parke Barnes
1995Easy Rawlins
1996Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Serling
YearFilm TitleCharacter
1998Detective John Hobbes
1998Jake Shuttleworth
1998Special Agent Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard
1999Lincoln Rhyme
1999Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter
2000Coach Herman Boone
2001Detective Alonzo Harris
2002John Quincy Archibald
2002Dr. Jerome Davenport
2003Police Chief Matthias Lee Whitlock
2004John Creasy
2004Major Ben Marco
2006Detective Keith Frazier
2006Special Agent Doug Carlin
2007Frank Lucas
2007Melvin B. Tolson
2009Walter Garber
2010Frank Barnes
2012Tobin Frost
2012Brandon Scofield

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