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The Great Pyramid was built for me around 4500 years ago and estimates at the length of my reign range from 23 to 63 years
According to legend I ruled Uruk for over 120 years and am the son of a goddess
I conquered Sumer more than 4000 years ago. My capital city of Akkad has still not been found by archaeologists
I tried to completely reform religion in my homeland of Egypt and am the first recorded monotheist
I was an Egyptian prince and warrior who became a religious leader and lawgiver to the Hebrews
Even though I was born a commoner I became the second king of Israel and Judah in the late 1000s BCE
I was the king of Babylon and built the Hanging Gardens to please my wife. I sacked Jerusalem and enslaved the Jews before going insane
I single-handedly took a nomadic people and built the greatest empire the world had yet seen
I and my royal bodyguard (and a few thousand allies) held a mountain pass for three days against a much larger force until we eventually lost the battle and were massacred
I single-handedly destroyed Spartan hegemony over Greece, only to die nine years later
I conquered the entire Persian Empire, and more, in just over ten years before finally dying of (probably) fever or malaria at the age of 32
I was one of the successors of Alexander's general Seleukos. I lost a war against Egypt but won great victories against Bactria and India. I was eventually defeated by Rome
One of the great enemies of Rome, I managed to win some spectacular and shocking victories that no one would have previously thought possible
I spent eight years conquering the Gauls and wrote an account of the war. I then marched on my home city, won a civil war and became dictator for life before being murdered
My birth year is very contested and I became a carpenter. When I was thirty I took up wandering preaching, spreading a message of peace and charity, until I was executed
I persecuted Christians in many creative ways and have often been accused of trying to burn down Rome
I am mostly remembered for my building projects. In Rome I built a very large temple, in Egypt I founded a city and in Britain I built a very long wall
I reunited the Roman Empire after decades of strife and promoted religious equality
I was the precursor of the Mongol hordes, leading my army of horsemen across Europe until defeated by the Romans and Visigoths at Chalons
I was the last Latin-speaking emperor of the Byzantine Empire and managed to reconquer most of the western half of the empire
A Frankish king, I tried to rebuild the Roman Empire. Although I failed I am now called the 'Father of Europe'
I was a Viking explorer, the son of Erik the Red. I am often credited with landing in Canada in around 1000 CE
I managed to conquer all of England after just one battle. I then ordered a book to be written about everything in my kingdom
I managed to all but destroy the Crusader Kingdoms and defeat the armies of Europe in a renewed Crusade
I united the nomadic horse tribes of the central steppe before leading them on a tide of conquest that created the largest land empire of all time
I was the extremely rich ruler of a kingdom in west Africa. A Muslim, I went on Hajj and spread the idea that Africa was very wealthy
I was a peasant girl who thought saints and angels spoke to me. I became a national heroine after lifting the siege of Orleans and did much to drive the English from France
I was a Genoese sailor who was hired by the Spanish monarchy to discover for them a faster trade route to Asia. Instead, I accidentally landed in the Caribbean
I was the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Under my rule the empire reached its greatest extent, and my armies managed to reach as far into Europe as Vienna
I was the queen of England for more than forty years, and am most famous for having never married. My virginity inspired the name of a colony in North America
My life saw me go from child prisoner to military dictator. I brought and end to centuries of civil war in my country and my family ruled for over 200 years
I was chieftain of an alliance of indigenous peoples until the arrival of colonists in the 1600s. I resisted them militarily and politically but died before the war finished
I was an exceptional military commander and an able politician. However, I was defeated at Moscow and by the time I died my empire had fallen
Originally serving in the British army fighting against the French, I later rose against the British and, helped by the French, defeated them
I was born to Italian parents in a place that had been sold to France the year before. I attended the Ecole Militaire and developed a specialism for artillery
I was the monarch who has ruled Great Britain for the longest. I was short, utterly devoted to my husband and mother to nine children
Born to a wealthy family, I became interested in radical left-wing politics after my brother was executed. I became a lawyer and eventually led a revolution
I became dictator of (not) my home country in 1934. I started a war, which I lost, and killed myself at the end
I was an officer in the United States Air Force during the Korean War before becoming an astronaut. In 1969 I made a giant leap for mankind
I was the daughter of a greengrocer and a graduate of Oxford University. I overcame a great amount of sexism to become the first female Prime Minister
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