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real namemember
Stephen Strange
Patsy Walker
Namor McKenzie
Bruce Banner
Kyle Richmond
Norrin Radd
Samantha Parrington
Andromeda Attumasen
Warren Worthington III
Hank McCoy
name unknown(female)
name unknown/sex unknown
Eric Simon Payne
Isaac Christians
Clint Barton
Bobby Drake
name unknown(male)
name unknown(male)
Heather Douglas
Luke Cage
real namemember
Tania Belinskya
Daimon Hellstrom
Henry Pym
Bill Foster
name unknown (male)
Sam Wilson
Alex Summers
Danny Rand
Jack Hart
Wendell Vaughn
Richard Rider
Lorna Dane
Hobie Brown
Walter Newell
Brock Jones
Hector Ayala
Cody Fleischer
Steve Rogers
real namemember
Tandy Bowen
Chris Powell
Wade Wilson
Luther Manning
Anthony Druid
Arthur Douglas
Daniel Ketch
Nita Prentiss
Jack Munroe
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Frank Castle
Wanda Maximoff
Jillian Woods
Rick Sheridan
Peter Parker
Julia Carpenter
Eric Masterson
John Walker
James Rhodes
James Howlett

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