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Freed Slaves in Confederate States (though it didn’t really)
Used terror to keep blacks, Carpetbaggers and Scalawags from voting
Northern whites who moved south
Banned slavery in the US
Southern whites who supported the Union (north)
All born in US are citizens and receive equal protection under the law
Gov’t agency that helped former slaves adjust to freedom
Segregated (separated) blacks and whites
Laws designed to return the South to slavery
Allows African American males get right to vote
One way that Southerners made it difficult for blacks to vote
President who ended Reconstruction.
Ran as a Democrat for President in 1876.
These laws granted railroad companies thousands of acres of land in exchange for building a transcontinental railroad
This law allowed states to sell land to fund state institutions like universities
US culture centers around pioneering values and the end of the frontier marks a major turning point in US history
Called for blacks to prepare for highly skilled industrial jobs and valued black economic self-sufficiency above political equality
Called for federal action to ensure the enforcement of the 14th amendment as well as an elite black educated class
Many pioneers went west lured by free land established by this act.
Act fragmented Indian reservation with the hope of encouraging Native Americans to take on European farming methods.
Led Radical Republicans in the House.
This theory stated that Anglo Americans were looked upon favorably by God and therefore should settle all of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
The Dawes act hoped to __________________ Native Americans so that they would embrace the culture and laws of whites.
Special Field Order #15 establish by General Tecumseh Sherman led many blacks to believe they would receive this at the conclusion of the Civil War.
This Supreme Court cases established the precedent of “separate, but equal.”
This invention for all practical purposes ended the life of the cowboy
This animal was hunted to both feed people and destroy the culture of the Plains Indians
This group of blacks fled the south for Kansas with the hope of finding greater freedom and better protection of civil rights
This type of farming was taken up mostly by former slaves who could neither afford their own supplies or land.
This type of farming was taken up by people who renting the land they farmed.
In this battle the Sioux won
Made it possible to make lots of steel, cheaply
Made his money in the steel industry
Gov’t gave free land in the west to anyone who would farm it
Gov’t moves Native Americans to these places to get them out of the way of railroads, miners and farmers
Led to: Growth of the steel industry; Settlement of the west; Conflict with Native Americans; Improvements in travel and communications
When one company dominates a business by keeping other businesses out. It can set higher prices because people can’t buy from anyone else.
Made his money in the oil industry
Term that explains Standard Oil strategy to buy all of its competition in order to consolidate its power over an industry
These leaders of industry were understood to be this (negative) term by the laboring classes
This institution was created to promote masculine Christianity
A philosophy espoused by Karl Marx
This union primarily represented skilled labor also known as a craft unions.
This organization fell apart due to charges of anarchism after the Haymarket riots
This union was also known as the Wobblies
Those who break strikes are referred to as…
This strike was waged against Carnegie Steel and broken up by Pinkertons
Emma Goldman’s imprisoned lover
This strike against a railroad car manufactured was broken up by the federal government for allegedly restricting the flow of mail
Radicals who opposed government
A key anarchist leader
Gave Cross of Gold Speech
The economic purpose of bimetallism
Political party claimed that the “Farmer Is The Man” and subscribed to banking conspiracies to explain their own economic mishaps
Founded the Hull House
Elizabeth Cady Stanton was president of this organization that called for female suffrage
Japan agreed to stop issuing passports to its citizens to enter the continental US, but were allowed to enter Hawaii according to this agreement
According to this law people of Chinese ancestry were not allowed into the US and many Chinese –Americans were denied US citizenship
This amendment legalized federal income tax
This amendment called for the direct election of Senators
President who signed the Federal Reserve Act into law
Cowboys could be found on this trail
Frederick Winslow Taylor developed…
The assassination of James Garfield led to the signing of this law by his President Chester A Arthur.
Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe often came to this country to flee…
Most immigrants were processed on this island
Those immigrants who did not pass health exams were…..
Those, typically Anglo-Americans opposed to immigration subscribed to this ideology
In 1924 this law was signed to restrict immigration to the US
The Melting Pot was a play that addressed this issue that many immigrants faced upon entering the United States and trying to determine where they belong
Progressive reform that allows citizens to directly propose a law
Theodore Roosevelt led this political party to defeat in the 1912
This amendment gave women the right to vote in federal elections
Court case overturned New York law that limited the work day and regulated work conditions for people who worked in bakeries
Progressive Supreme Court justice that called states laboratories for democracy
Progressive reform that allow cities greater autonomy from the states they exist within
A set of economic beliefs in which the government is supposed to take a hands off approach

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