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What special power did Goku unwillingly use to escape Pilaf's prison
What is the name of the creature working with Tien and Chiaotzu to scam money?
What is the name of episode in which we first meet Yamcha?
What is the name of Emperor Pilaf's spy bird?
What is Mercenary Tao's ultimate attack?
What Kind of bird has hexagonal egg shells?
Who is Fortune Teller Baba's assistant?
What does Tien do to Yamcha in their world tournament match?
How Many stars are on Goku's grandpa's ball?
Where is the Ox Kings castle?
What are the first words we hear Goku speak?
Can you name one of Emperor Pilaf's agents?
What was the name for the first Dragonball episode?
What is the name of Upa's father who was killed by Tao?
Krillin was killed by one of King Piccolo's Henchmen but which one?
Where did Goku put Boss Rabbit and his men after he defeated them?
What creature dose Roshi ues to get to Fire Mountain
What is the name of the attack used to capture King Piccolo?
What did Goku first think the Nimbus was?
What did Colonel Red want to wish for?

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