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Can you name the words or terms that start with 'Vi'?

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Immoral habit or practice or a screw apparatus
Country whose largest cities include Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Haiphong
Commonwealth whose cities include Fairfax, Danville, Richmond and Norfolk
A snake or a V10-powered sports car made by Dodge
A small infectious agent for your body or your computer
A female fox
Leif Ericsson, Hagar the Horrible or Fran Tarkenton
A representative usually of any ecclesiastic entity possibly in Dibley
The soft internal organs of the body
Someone who takes the law into his own hands, like Batman but without the snappy costume
Instrument tuned a fifth lower than a violin
Constellation between Leo and Libra
City on bluffs above the Mississippi, besieged by Union forces during the Civil War
Capital of the Seychelles and of British Columbia
Hue on the shortwave end of the visible spectrum, with wavelengths of about 380 to 420 nanometers
Term for a musician with masterful skill
One of the seven hills of ancient Rome
A surgery conducted for experimental purposes on a living organism
A distant view or a Microsoft Windows operating system
1995 techno thriller with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe
The oldest and largest Catholic university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
City from which the Habsburg monarchs ruled
Italian composer of The Four Seasons (last name)
Capital of Lithuania
Spanish Primera DivisiĆ³n football club which plays in the Madrigal stadium
Little blue pill manufactured by Pfizer

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