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Ben Stein (the son of noted economist Herbert Stein) plays a high school econ teacher in this movie starring Matthew Broderick1986
Harvard economist Hollis Chenery is the brother of the protagonist, Penny Tweedy, in this movie about the horse that won the Triple Crown in 19732010
Russell Crowe stars as John Nash, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for pioneering Game Theory, despite his mental illness2001
Economist Augusto Daniel Odone (played by Nick Nolte) sets out on a quest to cure his son, Lorenzo, of adrenoleukodystrophy1992
Paxton Whitehead plays the pompous econ professor, as Rodney Dangerfield plays an rich businessman who returns to college.1986
Richard Jenkins was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, playing an econ professor whose life changes when he discovers an immigrant couple living in his Manhattan apartment2008
Economist Robert Waller wrote the best-selling novel turned into this film starring Eastwood and Streep, about a magazine photographer shooting covered bridges in Iowa.1995

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