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Contribution to EconomicsEconomist
His book The Wealth of Nations showed the power of the 'invisible hand' of the market.
He developed the theory of comparative advantage.
His Essay on the Principle of Population predicted that population growth would drive living standards toward the subsistence level.
His book Elements of Pure Economics is the pioneering work of general equilibrium theory.
His Principles of Economics brought the ideas of supply and demand, marginal utility and the costs of production into a coherent whole. Developed the concepts of consumer surplus.
His Theory of the Leisure Class critiqued consumerism and focused on the quest for social status, developing the idea of “conspicuous consumption.”
The 'father of modern macroeconomics' and author of The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money .
His book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy critiqued socialism and explained the dynamics of capitalism, the role of entrepreneurs and “creative destruction.”
The 'father of monetarism,' and author (with Anna Schwartz) of A Monetary History of the United States, 1867–1960.
Applied economic theory to topics once on the margin of economics, such as discrimination, crime, families and drug use. Wrote The Economics of Discrimination.

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