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Artificial waterway connecting Albany with Buffalo in New York
Founder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland
The Greek counterpart of Cupid
It means “therefore” in Latin – part of Descartes’ famous philosophical statement about thinking and existence
What the letter E means on a baseball scoresheet
Member of the weasel family, whose white coat was associated with nobility -- also called a stoat
What Mt. Vesuvius did in 79 AD, destroying Pompeii
First name of Gen. Rommel – the “Desert Fox”
One of the 14 Holy Helpers – he is the patron saint of sailors and is also called St. Elmo. He shares his name with the Dutch humanist who wrote “The Praise of Folly” in 1509
Country bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Red Sea, whose capital is Asmara
Dwarf planet that’s 27% more massive than Pluto – named for the Greek goddess of discord who threw the golden apple and triggered the Trojan War
'Che' Guevara’s actual first name
Popular name of Beethoven’s Third Symphony
Element whose symbol is Er
The Muse of lyric poetry

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