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Can you name the U.S. Cities/Towns -- Fill in the Blank?

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Muscle ___________, Alabama
__________ Pole, Alaska
__________ Havasu City, Arizona
__________ Rock, Arkansas
Palo _____________, California
Steamboat _____________, Colorado
Windsor _____________, Connecticut
__________ Castle, Delaware
Boca ______________, Florida
Warner ____________, Georgia
__________ Cook, Hawaii
__________ d'Alene, Idaho
__________ St. Louis, Illinois
__________ Wayne, Indiana
__________ Rapids and __________ Falls, Iowa
Overland ____________, Kansas
Bowling _____________, Kentucky
Baton _________, Louisiana
Bar ____________, Maine
Havre de ___________, Maryland
Fall ______________, Massachusetts
Sault Ste. ____________, Michigan
___________ Paul, Minnesota
___________ Christian, Mississippi
___________ Girardeau, Missouri
Great _____________, Montana
Grand _____________, Nebraska
__________ Vegas, Nevada
Dixville _____________, New Hampshire
Perth _______________, New Jersey
_____________ Fe, New Mexico
White _____________, New York
Winston-___________, North Carolina
Grand _____________, North Dakota
Pepper ____________, Ohio
Broken ____________, Oklahoma
________ Dalles, Oregon
________ Thorpe, Pennsylvania
North and East ______________, Rhode Island
Myrtle ________________, South Carolina
Rapid ______________, South Dakota
________ Ridge, Tennessee
Corpus _______________, Texas
___________ Lake City, Utah
Essex _______________, Vermont
Newport ___________, Virginia
Walla ___________, Washington
__________ Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
________ Claire, Wisconsin
________ Faithful, Wyoming

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