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QUIZ: Can you name the Movie Misprints IV?

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ClueMisprinted Movie Title
Daniel Radcliffe is a furry guy with a kiln?
Sulley and Wazowski are selling food and lodging to travelers?
Superman lives on a prison island in San Francisco Bay?
What we have here is failure to bitumenate?
Shakespeare and his minstrel pals harass the people of Bodega Bay?
Buzz Lightyear and Woody battle Achilles in ancient Greece?
A flawless bird brings a new-born baby to George Clooney and his crewmates during a gale?
Meryl Streep’s latest fashion is to wear Soviet newspapers?
Which one has the gigantic elephant ears – Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels?
The Germans attack when it's time for Matt Damon to go the barber?

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