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ClueMisprinted Movie Title
Bruce Willis wants to lose 100 pounds?
When Nia Vardalos gets married her extremely nerdy ethnic family makes life interesting?
Scarlett tries to steal Rhett’s heart and his Cabernet Sauvignon?
Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds tell a prison football story that goes on and on and on?
If you build a baseball field he might not come, but if you build a dairy he definitely will?
Gregory Peck is enthralled by Ingrid Bergman’s enchanting perfume?
One of the 14 Holy Helpers plays a piccolo?
A Nobel Prize winning economist buys his wife a really nice fur coat?
Desi Arnaz beats up Sly Stallone and then yells out “Yo! Lucy!”?
D.W. Griffith tries to measure the waistline of some Klansmen?

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