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ClueGi- Word or Phrase
One billion watts
Venomous lizard of the southwest U.S.
Semi-devine king of Erech in southern Babylon
Another name for the gallows
Economist who said demand curves might slope upward
Hermit saint who was one of the 14 Holy Helpers
First African-American woman to win at Wimbledon
Strait that connects the Mediterranean with the Atlantic
Mountainous region of ancient Palestine, where there is a 'balm'
Entrepreneur who introduced the safety razor
Small handtool for drilling holes
ClueGi- Word or Phrase
The distance around someone's belly
Tokyo's shopping and entertainment district
Inflammation of the gums
U.S. Speaker of the House, 1994-99
Muscular pouch behind a bird's stomach, often containing ingested grit
President of France, 1974-81
Football hero who died of a throat infection, days after leading Notre Dame to a big win
Author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Member of the U.S. Supreme Court
One of the judges in Judges

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