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Can you name the missing animal-themed Rush lyrics?

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The contextThe complete line
Attack the day like ____ __ ____.
Lit up like a _______ / Just to feel the living night
His mother starts to call him / As a ____ goes _______ __
Venting vapours, like the breath / Of a ________ _____ ______
Needles at your nerve ends / Crawl like _______ on your ____
You know how that ______ _____ / Going under your speeding wheels
Big money hold the prize / Big money weave a mighty web / Big money ____ the _____
When the _______ grow too mighty / To slay with pen or sword
There is trouble in the forest / And the _________ ___ ____ ____,
Who's come to ____ ___ ______ / Come to watch him fall?
The contextThe complete line
Living in a ___eye lens / Caught in the camera eye.
Silent and stern in the sweltering night / The mob moves like ______ possessed.
Sun ____ fire on the horizon / Meteor rain stars across the night
I've heard the _____ hunting / In the Serengeti night
There is no safe seat at the feast / Take your best stab at the _____
Like lovers and heroes, lonely as the ______'s cry / We're only at home when we're on the fly
anarchits reactionary _______-___ revisionist / hindu muslim cathloic creation/evolutionist
You and I, we reject these narrow attitudes / We add to each other, like a _____ ____
I'd rather be a ________ from Galapagos
A tired mind become a _____-_______ / Everybody need a soft filter,

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