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QUIZ: Can you name the lyrics to All He Does Is Win (Tim Tebow)?

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Lyricsanswerletters in answer
This kid is a __________5
He's a baller, he's a playmaker, and a _____________11 letters counting a space
In case you didn't know, i got __________7 letters
He shattered the mold, cause all he does is win, all all all he does is win ________5 letters
Unleash... Tell Tebow.. Its time... turn him _______5 letters
Let him play, let him play, let him play on ________6 letters
Repeat 5 + let him play, let him play ... im going to _______ on sunday6 letters
Lyricsanswerletters in answer
Run pass option, i think thats my ______4 letters
I guarantee you that... im no john _________5 letters
Hes rewriting the book, week in and week out, hes a _________ football player 6 letters
thats what _______ all about6-7 letters
_________ Tim tebow ... let him go 7 letters
one more day one more ___ all all all he does is win games3 letters

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