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May 23 1568The first campaign of William the Silent on Dutch territory. Adolf of Nassau died at this battle.
April 1 1572William II de La Marck captures this city by suprise. It was the first city captured by the rebels.
December 11 1572-July 13 1573This battle is famous for Kenau Hasselaar, who together with her female army fought the Spaniards.
August 21 1573-October 8 1574Abraham Cabeljau defeated the Spanish with a civilian army. This battle is seen as a turning point.
Oktober 30 1573-Oktober 2 1574 The civilians of this city had destroyed the dikes surrounding the city to defeat the Spanish. it was the last battle in the province of Holland.
Oktober 11 1573-Oktober 12 1573After this battle the Dutch gained naval superiority in the Netherlands. The Duke of Alva left Amsterdam.
March 1 1590This city was captured because Dutch soldiers hide in supply ships.
May 8 1592-July 5 1590Maurits of Nassau takes this city, because it was called untakeble.
July 1 1600The most famous battle of Dutch history. Maurits of Nassau and Francis Vere defeats the Spanish Archduke.
July 18 1602-September 20 1602This city was overwelmed by the Dutch army.
April 25 1607The Dutch navy of Jacob van Heemskerck defeats the main Spanish navy in their homeland.
Oktober 2 1622Maurits of Nassau destroyes the Spanish siege. The spanish lost over 5000 troops.
Septmeber 8 1628Piet Hein sailed for Cuba. After this naval battle the Dutch treasery was filled.
May 1 1629-September 14 1629Frederick Henry defeats multiple Spanish armies and takes the most importants city of Brabant.
June 10 1632-August 21 1632Frederick Henry captures this city in a short amout of time and defeats two Spanish armies.
August 21 1634Johannes van Walbeeck capture this island in the Carribean with an army of 200 men.
Oktober 21 1639Maarten Tromp defeats a Spanish Armada in English waters. After this battle the Spanish would never use an armada in Europe again.

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