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Most wealthiest city during the 17th centuryA
Wars between the British Empire and the AfrikanersB
Former Dutch colony in Southern Africa taken over by the British in 1806C
Demonym for people from the NetherlandsD
Famous humanist who wrote great works like 'The Praise of Folly' and 'On Free Will'E
Count of Holland who is credited for the construction of the 'Ridderzaal' and the 'Muiderslot' F
17th century conflict on the British Isles between Stadtholder William III of Orange-Nassau and King James II of EnglandG
Jurist who wrote Mare Liberum and famously escaped from Loevestein castle in an book chestH
Former Dutch colony which gained independence after the Politionele actiesI
Leader of the Batavi revolt against the Roman EmpireJ
Holy Roman Emperor who centralized and unified the Dutch City-StatesK
City with the first university of the NetherlandsL
River raided by Michel de Ruyter during the Second Anglo-Ducth WarM
Former name of New YorkN
Royal house of the Kingdom of the NetherlandsO
17th century admiral who captured the Silver Fleet at Matanzas BayP
City in Belgium where Napoleon gained his last victory against a combined British-Dutch ArmyQ
Painter who painted 'The Storm on the Sea of GalileeR
The Netherlands gained independence from this nationS
Slave leader who started an uprise against the Dutch in CuracaoT
Central Dutch city founded by the Romans as TraiectumU
East India trading company that controlled colonies in Cape of Good Hope, Java and IndiaV
Dutch queen during both WWI and WWIIW
Historical name of the Netherlands during Spanish rule (roman numerical)X
Series of wars in which the Dutch UN troops where overrun by the troops of Mladic at SrebenicaY
Dutch Provinces that controlled the colonies of Suriname and GuyanaZ

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