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Can you name the scrubs cast?Name
Who got the
Bathed in egg salad with the Janitor
Likes speed metal
Sam Dorian's mother
Died because of car accident
Lawyer of Sacred Heart
Nothing But A G-Thang/not Dr.Dre
Gloria's bi-curious lover
'it's BeardFace' dammit!'
Almost married Elliot
Made Elliot cry by saying,'Eyebrow.'
Laughed when Carla revealed Turk gets his chest waxed
Main character
Has 'Jonny' tattooed on butt
Person who JD sang'Somebody got some action.'
Can you name the scrubs cast?Name
JD's mentally abusive mentor
Reminds people of KFC
Had 17 funerals for horses
May have killed his wife
Responsible for those 17 funerals
JD's tormentor
Seen with cherry lollipops
Turk's protege
Jd's protege
Mother of Jack and Jennifer Dylan Cox
Brown Bear
Dominican nurse
Betrayal five
JD's beotch

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