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Can you name the characters in Harry Potter by their phrases?

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Forced Order
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PhraseWho said it?
Give me the stone, boy!
Have you seen a toad?
Troll in the dungeon!
Let the feast begin
Have you really got that scar?
Get up cousin! We're going to the zoo!
Trevor, I've found you!
How did you know it was me?
Today we will be learning the wingardium leviosa charm
PhraseWho said it?
I don't want any funny business from you
I'm half and half. Me Dad's a muggle; Mum's a witch.
Not Slytherin, eh? well then it had better be Gryffindor!
Send him off, red card!!!
Always full of muggles
Mummy, have you seen my jumper?
I'm not Fred, I'm George
Filthy little mudblood
Shove off, Malfoy

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