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Olympic was built by _______ ___ _______.
Olympic was part of a trio. Name the two others...
In ________, Olympic became a troopship for World War I.
White Star built Olympic for ______ and _______.
Olympic was 500 miles away from ______ when she hit an Iceberg
She was scrapped in:
Her final demolition took place in:
The HMT Olympic sunk U-103 in:
True or False: RMS Olympic had Five funnels.
True of false: RMS Olympic had 3 funnels.
Olympic wore a ________ camoflauge durring the war.
RMS Olympic crashed into HMS _________
Olympic's Call sign was
She was registered in ____________.
RMS Olympic had _______ propellers
Olympic was Identical to Titanic. If not, list the diferences.
Olympic displaced _____________ tons of water.
She was falling apart at the time of her scrapping.
She is the only one of her class to survive more than 1 year.
She starred in the 1997 movie 'Titanic' Playing as Titanic.

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