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Score 84.082 - an influential figure in the Great Depression and WWII, she played and active role in advising her husband and was the first to hold her own press conferences
Score 81.967 - first to live in the White House; she continued her formal hosting duties in the new capital
Score 78.397 - oversaw extensive restoration of the White House and supported a grief-stricken nation after her husband's assassination
Score 78.331 - took up social causes and used her social network to support her husband's career; the term First Lady is believed to have been used for the first time in her eulogy
Score 75.919 - among her causes are childhood obesity, veteran's wellness, and education for young women
Score 74.76 - advocated for health care reform and supported childrens' and womens' issues
Score 73.784 - an active environmentalist, she dedicated herself to national beautification projects and wildlife preservation
Score 72.903 - Supported numerous causes including breast cancer awareness and the Equal Rights Amendment as well as founding a center to combat drug and substance abuse
Score 71.521 - set a precedent for the role of First Lady, held weekly receptions, and managed the presidential household
Score 69.463 - Supported the Mental Health Systems Act and served as Honorary Chair of the President's Commission on Mental Health
Score 66.777 - promoted literacy among America's youth and founded a Foundation for Family Literacy
Score 66.669 - A former teacher and librarian, she made children's education her main cause
Score 66.265 - undertook extensive renovations of the White House including landscaping and modernization of the public rooms
Score 66.007 - after the president suffered a stroke, her role in managing the executive branch increased greatly
Score 65.802 - Led anti-drug campaign called 'Just Say No'
Score 64.256 - stopped tradition of holding press conferences but was still an active hostess
Score 63.321 - founded American Women's War Relief Fund and National Women's Conference on Law Enforcement
Score 63.197 - Staunch abolitionist and supporter of women's rights
Score 63.165 - supported the temperence movement by banning alcohol from all functions at the White House
Score 63.164 - worked to improve living conditions in the Washington's poverty-stricken ghettos; died in office and her husband remarried
Score 62.908 - helped people with disabilities and raised $2 million for the School for the Deaf
Score 62.809 - was a popular entertainer and hostess at White House; went on world tour meeting political leaders
Score 62.62 - had an astute mind for politics, helped write speeches, and advised on important matters
Score 62.497 - supported increasing veteran's benefits; invited African American children to the White House Easter Egg Roll
Score 62.371 - Replaced all white male ushers at White House with African-American men.

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