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Score: 100 - A close team, this couple led the nation through both the Great Depression and World War II
Score: 91.2 - This First Lady supported her husband through the American Revolution and the early stages of establishing the Republic
Score: 88.8 - This Rough Rider's outsized personality may have overshadowed his quieter wife, but she was a respected hostess and entertainer
Score: 88.7 - As the 'Father of the Constitution,' his most important contributions may have come before his presidency, but she set a precedent by taking up social causes
Score: 87.3 - This couple exchanged over 1,000 letters, shared a passion for politics, and were influential in America's struggle for independence
Score: 87 - Young, vibrant, glamourous, they brought a new sense of optimism to the country
Score: 85.4 - Scoring 26 points higher than his wife, he was a key player in American history. Nonetheless, she was a strong supporter of her husband
Score: 84.4 - She has consistently scored better in national polls, and has tackled issues of childhood obesity, veteran's wellness, and women's education.
Score: 84 - Already a power couple, they may see a huge boost in score after the 2016 elections
Score: 82.9 - A celebrated First Lady, she scores higher than her husband. And though he was popular when elected, that declined with the Vietnam War and civil unrest in America
Score: 80.9 - Married two years into his first term, this couple weathered World War I, and, when he had a stroke, she assumed many responsibilities
Score: 79.8 - Unexpectedly thrust into the global spotlight when his predecessor died in office, their tenure spanned the end of World War II and the early years of the Cold War
Score: 79.2 - She died of kidney disease, but he continued to lead a series of reforms through the Progressive Era, eventually remarrying
Score: 78.5 - Part of his legacy comes pre-presidency, from his service in World War II, and she supported veteran's issues as First Lady
Score: 78.2 - He was a popular president and even ran unopposed for relection. She, however, was in poor health, which restricted her hosting duties
Score: 77.9 - Politically active, she supported her husband's 'War on Drugs,' with her own initiative to 'Just Say No.'
Score: 77.6 - She assisted her husband as he dealt with the US-Mexican War and worked to stabilize the country's banking system
Score: 75.1 - This couple had a turbulent four years in the White House, but enjoyed success post-presidency and became strong supporters of the abolition movement
Score: 74.7 - He was the only president never elected and she dealt publicly with her alcoholism, setting an example and saving lives as people overcame shame and sought help
Score 73.6 - This is the only couple to serve two non-consecutive terms
Score 73.2 - He oversaw the Gulf War and she took up children's literacy as her main cause
Score: 72.1 - She outscored him and was one of the most esteemed First Ladies. While she championed mental health, he left office with one of the lowest approval ratings ever
Score: 71.5 - He presided over the Spanish-American War, but their time in the White House was cut short when he was assassinated in his second term
Score: 69.8 - She was a popular First Lady, and he a less-popular President, but he went on to become a Supreme Court Justice after leaving the White House
Score: 69.2 - He struggled with scandals and economic turmoil, while she gained national respect as a hostess and entertainer at the White House

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