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Youngest Award Winner
Oldest Award Winner
Only Winner Whose Parents Were Also Winners
Year of First Awards
First Woman to Win Best Director
Most Best Actress Oscars
Only X-Rated Film to Win Best Picture
Most Nominations for Best Actress
Longest Film to Win Best Picture
Country With Most Foreign Language Film Wins
Youngest Best Actor
Oldest Best Actor Winner
Only Sequel to Win Best Picture
First to Win for playing a Best Actress Winner
Person With 24 Nominations All Categories
First African-American Best Actor Winner
Only Silent Film to Win Best Picture
First Deaf Winner
Most Nominated Male Actor
Film With Most Wins
Posthumous Win
Longest Speech
Oscar's Height
Oscar's Weight
Nominated 5 Times for Best Director But Never Won
Year of Longest Oscar Show
Host of Longest Oscar Show
Person With Most Wins and Most Nominations
Only Winner for Playing a Member of the Opposite Sex
Most Frequent Host
Year of Shortest Oscar Show
Seating Capacity of Dolby Theater on Oscar Night
Length of the Red Carpet at Dolby Theater
Only Person to Win For Playing a (fictional) Nominee Who Lost
Two Actors Who Won Best Actor For Same Character
Appeared in Only Five Films Before Death - All Were Oscar Nominated
Starred in Three Best Picture Nominees in Same Year
Designer of the Oscar Statuette
Material of the Oscar During World War II
First Best Actor
Statuette Makers
Only Actor to Win Best Actor Three Times
Price of a Ticket to the First Oscars
Most Nominations Of Anyone Still Alive
First Sound Film To Win Best Picture
Last Entirely Black and White Film to Win Best Picture
Film Won Three Awards for Acting
First Person to Win For Writing and Directing
Only Three Generation Winning Families
Only Brother and Sister to Win Acting Oscars
Only Brothers Nominated for Acting Oscars
Only Sisters to Win Acting Oscars
Most Oscar Nominated Family
First Person to Refuse the Oscar
Only Write-in Winner
Foreign Language Film With Most Nominations
Only Oscar to Win an Oscar
First Posthumous Award
Only Consecutive Double Oscar Winners
Shortest Best Picture
Most Recent Musical to Win Best Picture
Only Best Picture Winner Without a Person on Its Poster
First Film Released on Video Before Winning Best Picture
Only Best Picture Winner to Receive Only One Nomination
Person With Most Nominations In Most Categories
Person With Shortest Performance to Win
Person With Shortest Performance to Win Lead Award
Year With Most Black Performers Nominated
Only Tie For Best Actor
Only Tie For Best Actress

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