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Can you name the Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High (1987-91) characters?* (see game note)

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cast membercharacterbasic role
Pat MastroianniStudent
Stefan BrogrenStudent
Duncan WaughStudent
Maureen DeiseachStudent
Angela DeiseachStudent
Siluck SaysanasyStudent
Arlene LottStudent
Anais GranofskyStudent
Amanda SteptoStudent
Neil HopeStudent
Irene CourakosStudent
John IoannouStudent
Stacie MistysynStudent
Maureen McKayStudent
Sara BallingallStudent
Dan WoodsStaff
Rebecca HainesStudent
Cathy KeenanStudent
Michael CarryStudent
Dayo AdeStudent
Andy ChambersStudent
Kyra LevyStudent
Amanda CookStudent
Keith WhiteStudent
Christopher CharlesworthStudent
Billy ParrottStudent
Michelle GoodeveStaff
Kirsten BourneStudent
Sara HolmesStudent
Nicole StoffmanStudent
Sarah CharlesworthStudent
Deborah LobbanStaff
Chrissa ErodotouStudent
Annabelle WaughStudent
Darrin BrownStudent
cast membercharacterbasic role
Adam DavidStaff
Jacy HunterStudent
George ChakerStudent
Steve BedernjakStudent
Roger MontgomeryStaff
John BertramStaff
Michele Johnson-MurrayStudent
L. Dean IfillStudent
David Armin-ParcellsStudent
Trevor CummingsStudent
Niki KemenyStudent
Danah-Jean BrownStudent
Byrd DickensStudent
Craig DriscollStudent
Dona HirdParent/Guardian
Andy JekabsonsStudent
Henry HwangStudent
Krista HoustonStudent
Lisa WilliamsStudent
Gretchen HelbigParent/Guardian
Michael BlakeStudent
John WeirStaff
Dorothy PhillipsParent/Guardian
Rod RekofskiParent/Guardian
Samer KamalStudent
Marsha FergusonStudent
Stefanie SamuelsStudent
Vincent WalshStudent
Adam SilverStudent
Rhonda KristiParent/Guardian
Cameron GrahamStudent
Sabrina DiasStudent
Richard KovskyParent/Guardian
Ashlee Hendricks and Samantha MorrisonBaby/Toddler
Nancy SinclairParent/Guardian
cast membercharacterbasic role
Wayne ReidStudent
Florence DarnellStaff
Timm ZemanekParent/Guardian
Ken HungStudent
Karryn SheridanStudent
Colleen LamStudent
Martin BrownParent/Guardian
Peter BrierleyParent/Guardian
Dave JamesParent/Guardian
Tammy CampbellStudent
Marc BetsworthStudent
Andrew LockieStudent
Susin NielsenStaff
Ximena BensusanStudent
Joshua WhiteheadStudent
Pat BeavenParent/Guardian
Paul BrockParent/Guardian
Kenneth TaylorParent/Guardian
Vivian Palin and Maggie ThomasParent/Guardian
Marcus BruceStaff
Sue JohansonRadio Personality
Aimee DarcelStudent
Sheila BrogrenParent/Guardian
Jane CarnwathParent/Guardian
Astra CrosbyStudent
Elizabeth MarmurStudent
Peter ReadStudent
Danny CiracoStudent
Rose NewloveParent/Guardian
Charles BonsuStudent
Carina AnnisStudent
Niville DiggsStudent
Ysu LuuStudent
Anna KeenanStudent

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