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Cryptic ClueMovieWords
Clarkson, Slater, & Preston’s Tale (1906)(3,5,2,3,5,4)
If he were sentenced now it would be 80, Back then 40 (1927)(3,3,4,2,3,7,4)
Klaw (1971)(9)
Lunch under a Stalactite (1975)(6,2,7,4)
Still floats in Wild Weather (1977)(5,3)
Not happy, but full on (1979)(3,3)
“Bravo Mike” for catching Ten Thieves (1983)(1.1.1.,7)
Scottish Reptile (1986)(9,6)
Tread on a good time (1992)(6,7)
If Cluedo only had one room (1992)(8,8)
(the) Soft or Softly (1993)(3,5)
Two and a half men? (1994)(3,10,2,9,5,2,3,6)
Almost starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett (1995) (4)
Almost a black eye (1996)(5)
Definitely not set in Camelot or Windsor (1997) (3,6)
Sounds like it should have starred Parkinson or Oprah (1998)(3,9)
A bit more cowardly in hard copy (1998)(9,4)
8 inches (1999)(3,5)
A lot harder to wash this one (2000)(3,4)
Chinook or Iriquois but not indigenous (2000) (7)
Son is unwell (2000)(3,3,3)
Cryptic ClueMovieWords
Genus of Flowering Plants (2001)(7)
If I were to makeup a windmill (2001)(6,5)
Bugs ain’t getting through (2002)(6,5,5)
Milk & Toast (2003)(6,7)
Becoming quite nerdy (2003)(6',6)
Nippon Tale (2003)(8,5)
Lupus Rivulet (2005)(4,5)
Crossing the Road Pt 1 (2005)(4,4,4)
I put it to you (2005)(3,11)
Krill (2005)(6,4)
More Rogers than Hammerstein (2006)(5)
X-Kayaks (2006)(3,6)
Fairy Floss (2006)(5)
Glad to be 61cms (2006)(5,4)
You are on track (2006)(6)
My Grandfather is Mars & Remus is my uncle (2007)(7,2,6)
Half the cards are full of hot air (2008)(3,5,7)
Almost Latin South (2008)(9)
Not far from Dili (2009)(6)
Animalia (2010)(6,7)
It wasn’t yesterday when the peace ended (2010)(8,4,3,3,5)

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