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Can you name the Dresden Files Characters A-Z?

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ARepository of all human knowledge. Also likes kitties.
BSpirit of Intellect
CDemon that provides Harry with information in exchange for Names
DWarden that was in love with Luccio
ELeads the Wild Hunt
FDragon that appears at the vampire ball
GMab's part-time voice
IThomas' little sister
JWinter fae that tried to ruin Will and Georgia's wedding
KNecromancer who wants to abolish death
LShadow of a fallen angel; lived in Harry
MDeveptively boring part-vampire
NHarry's boss at Ragged Angel Investigations
OThe last name of husband-and-wife Red Court vampires
PTraitorous secretary of the White Council
RUsed to work in SI; thorn in Murphy's side
SValkyrie employed by Marcone
THarley MacFinn's fiancee
USpeaks to Harry in the guise of a janitor
VThe Shadowman
WMortician who sometimes acts as Harry's doctor
ZHarry's little faerie friends call him this

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