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Can you name the Monstercat song by its pre-drop lyrics?

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LyricsSong NameArtist
I've got to get drunk now!
And it's you that I want and need
It's all I wanna do
Big ass titties!
I need to get back to mine
One too many times...
Crush your concert dead or alive
What's your vision?
Every time I touch mics
My dad says I should get a job (Come on!)
It's only gonna fall into what you've explored
And I'm alive, more alive than I've ever been your way
It's calling us!
You so fly walkin' by...
To a city shining white
... which means before you were born!
Are... you... ready??
Well... the f*ck was that?
Take a trip to my...
Elysian and phosphorescent
We be rockin' to the sun
That's what I'm talkin' about!
LyricsSong NameArtist
We are listless as we tear away
I'm not holding back for anyone
Tonight we're coming alive
... always rearranging
They will kill anything.
Follow your dream
M-m-m-make the ground shake!
Somebody please help me...
You ain't goin' rough enough
Come bad girl!
The answers, lying here within
No fear, I'm still hearing, broke skin but I'm healing
... like a penny down a hole in a road
... and make this world a better one
... yes I'm groovin'!
Come with me
Break it down!
Keep givin' it up!
Baby you know I'll turn...
Listen up sister, gonna pull the trigger, dance!
Check it out, it goes like / Checkin' out the coleslaw

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