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Can you name the Monstercat song by its pre-drop lyrics?

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LyricsSong NameArtist
Just to prove wrong from right...
You are engaged in unauthorized procedures, remain where you are.
the thought of carrying...
Put 'em in the a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-air
You don't see me but I see you, what am I to do?
Roar like a lion living wild and free
This is not the...
I'm holding on.
Here we go!
Let me be your...
You wear my heart on your sleeve
There's a fire in the...
Come on!
... with who I am
I control my destiny.
Crash. Hit. Mix.
Here we go! [Yes, another one]
We keep dreaming as we fly by
LyricsSong NameArtist
I notice the twinkle of a firefly
I don't need a dime, b*tch I'm still a...
... and there's nothing I can't say
Get on it.
...from the chains, from the pull
Fiji step.
... separate how you are from who you wanna be
Make the club go, go... go!
... ever gonna find the truth
That's twenty thousand hardcore members!
(hard to the bar get) hard to the bar get...
Let's return to where we started
I just wanna dance... 1, 2, 3, go!
Is it madness?
I'm ready to love
I don't want anything more, no...
It's not up to us
... when we're among the stars
Are you ready? Come on!
As she walks, they creep and...

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