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Who is the ethnic minority of Connect? (Clue: he's from India originally)
Who has infamously got the runs all the time!!
Who has the worst eating habits in Connect/In the whole wide world?
Who's most likely to get annoyed at any... little... thing... Then whinge about it for the next 3 months?
Who recently left Connect, leaving us all feeling a sense of loss (for his house, not the man himself)?
Who said this 'Aye I get it... But... Narrrr'?
Who's the roughest, toughest, motheryucker?
Who thinks a waistcoat and tracky bottoms combo is acceptable?
According to John, who is 'terrible, a waste of human life, should be set on fire'?
Who might buy some football boots today, then sell some, then buy some, then sell some, then buy some?
What country do physios come from?
Whp can provide you with loadsssss of gear? ;) ;)
Who has the most disgusting burps in the Connect family?
What GP surgery are you registered with?
Who thought William Wallace was Hitler's dad?
Who's big mouth is most missed?
What area of the UK does John bum the most?
What is our fax number?
Are you on your dinner right now?

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