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Getting attacked so as to build up a rage meter.
Style is based on his own clumsiness.
Grab-Based Game, along with spreading money around the stage so he can swim in it.
Tank-Like Fighting Style, melee only.
Attacking his foes with arrows and muskets to get in close.
Sword-Based Character (HIPPO)
Zoning Character, creating waves to push foes back and sending out brooms to attack the foe.
Based around Aerial Attacks, and getting your foes into the air with pixie dust.
Spacing Character, using explosive gifts as a cowardly fear tool.
loldunno, but it was an obvious choice.
You have temporary invulnerability - make the most of it!
Fire. A hell of a lot of fire.
Keep-Away Fighter who gets 3 buffs at a certain point in the match.
Weak sword user who must have fairies power up his sword in order to KO.
Tangling your foes in your hair, as well as using it to heal yourself.
Devestating Melee Attacks with a gargoyle summon.
Projectile-Based game, based around closing the distance between himself and the foe.
Creating Vines to swing or slide on in order to get the drop on a foe.
A character who is based around exploting the foes' fear, by using pumpkin bombs or setting himself on fire.
A small target skilled at evading his enemy's attacks, so he can return them with his own.
Arrow Spam and stealing attacks. Only here to appeal to Phatcat.
Based on outwitting your foes; literally. Fool them into their 'laughing place'; a land filled traps like with beehives and pits.
Intent on catching his foe with thing such as nets and 'tar babies' before he can KO them.Unlockable
Poisoning her foes with apples, or casting magic spells on them.Unlockable
'Erasing' hitboxes of the foe's body with 'Dip', in order to better attack them, or just eliminate them entierly.Unlockable
Shapeshifting Dual Character, based on confusing the foe.Unlockable
Complex Character based on 'solving the case', who primarily relies on using his dog to fight for him.Unlockable
Cartoony Mechanics, such as using parts of himself as weapons.Unlockable
Spreading Ink, as well as covering the foe with ink in order to make them stick to it.Unlockable
Hyena Summons, as well as a bit of edgeguarding.Unlockable
Trap Character revolving around Red Smoke.Unlockable
Picking at your foe with projectiles in order to charge up your dragon transformation.Unlockable
Versitale Magic Fighter, using transformations to change his attacks to suit different foes.Unlockable
Mindgaming Combo Character, who sticks to the foe with a variety of FOOLish tricks.Unlockable
Luck-Based Character who can spread parts of himself around the stage to ensure he is never KOed. Also, he is Phatcat.Unlockable
Hypnosis Game, drive the foe off the stage by hypnotizing them.Unlockable
Overly Defensive Game, revolving around card summons.Unlockable
Weak attacks, must 'make a deal' with the foe so he can turn them into a frog before he can KO them.Unlockable
Absorbing attacks with a giant cauldron in order to blast them back at her foes; uses eels to force foes to attack.Unlockable
Character who relies on using a giant cat to fight for him, abuse this too much and you'll be eaten.Unlockable
Boss for HeroesWinnie the Pooh
Boss for HeroesSword in the Stone
Boss for HeroesClassic Disney
Boss for HeroesEmperor's New Groove
Boss for HeroesDumbo
Boss for VillainsBeauty and the Beast
Boss for VillainsAladdin
Boss for VillainsPete's Dragon
Boss for VillainsHercules
Final BossThe Black Cauldron
True Final BossFantasia

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