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The Amazon River is the longest river in South America
Delaware's official language is English
Monaco is the smallest country in the world
The magnetic north pole is at the same place as the geographical north pole
The lowest layer of the atmosphere is called the troposphere
Kyrgyzstan's internet code is .kz
Africa has the most countries of any continent
Kiwi is a slang term used to describe the people of New Zealand
Melanesia, Macronesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia are all island groups in Oceania
The oldest country in the world is San Marino
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Swaziland borders only South Africa
The island of Socotra is a part of Yemen
The capital of Uruguay is Florida
Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, is on the island of Java
French Guiana is the smallest country in South America
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is not landlocked
The capital of New Mexico is Albuquerque
Istanbul is in both Europe and Asia
Oman is larger than Yemen
Sudan is the largest country in Africa

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