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Can you name the weapons from 'Shellshock Live'?

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How To GetWeaponDescription
StarterA normal, average shoot'n'splode weapon
StarterA big shoot'n'splode weapon
StarterBounces once before exploding
StarterShoots 3 shots
StarterShoots a barrage of shots, one after another
StarterShoots a flare to signal an _________
StarterVery powerful shot , but don't miss!
StarterSplits into two right before contact
StarterBreaks into two right after contact
StarterRolls for a while
StarterSeveral close-ranged explosions
StarterExplodes horizontally
StarterShakes the ground, damging all enemies
StarterShoots a _________ of pellets
StarterBounces around and then explodes
StarterPounds one location into submission
StarterBounces several times, exploding on enemies
StarterLaunches a ball of spikes
StarterExplodes in a variety of petals
StarterPlants a ________, shooting deadly bombs
Level 2A huge shoot'n'splode weapon
Level 4Bounces three times before exploding
Level 6Shoots 5 shots
Level 8Shoots a handful of pellets
Level 10It literally rains terror
Level 12Calls a helicopter to attack a location
Level 14Splits into four right before contact
Level 16Breaks into four right after contact
Level 18Rolls for a long while
Level 20Shakes the ground hard, damaging all enemies
Level 22Shoots a powerful stream of pellets
Level 24Bounces around and then explodes, creating more grenades
Level 26Explodes every time it bounces
Level 28Comes crashing down on the first enemy it detects
How To GetWeaponDescription
Level 30Starts a painful _________ show
Level 32Shoots in an X formation
Level 34Rolls backwards for a while
Level 36Shoots 11 shots
Level 38Bounces around and the explodes, creating many grenades
Level 40Its a _______...
Weapon Pack 1What a beautiful weapon
Weapon Pack 1What a clean weapon
Weapon Pack 1Just get it close
Weapon Pack 1Smile!
Weapon Pack 1Where did all my gravity go?
Weapon Pack 2Rolls both ways
Weapon Pack 2Faster than a speeding bullet
Weapon Pack 2Did you see that?
Weapon Pack 2Woah
Weapon Pack 2The Bullet is the Explosion
Weapon Pack 3You'll almost reach the center of the earth
Weapon Pack 3Help from outer space
Weapon Pack 3No weapon for you!
Weapon Pack 3Stuck!
Weapon Pack 3Wiki wiki
Weapon Pack 4Sticks to land and tanks
Weapon Pack 4Splitter + Digger
Weapon Pack 4Make tanks into pancakes
Weapon Pack 4Grab some oil while you're down there
Weapon Pack 4So fluffy, yet so deadly
Weapon Pack 5Big F***ing gun
Weapon Pack 5Cactus from the sky
Weapon Pack 5How do they work?
Weapon Pack 5Sometimes one isn't enough
Weapon Pack 5This one is tough to master, chief
Weapon Pack 62012
Weapon Pack 6Assert your power
Weapon Pack 6Meow
How To GetWeaponDescription
Weapon Pack 6Boom Boom Boom
Weapon Pack 6A sluggish tribute
Weapon Pack 7Hot hot hot!
Weapon Pack 7Oooh..Aaah..
Weapon Pack 7Stick together
Weapon Pack 7Crack!
Weapon Pack
Weapon Pack 7The Mayans were right!
Weapon Pack 8A grenade filled with crazyballs
Weapon Pack 8Precision is key
Weapon Pack 8How geometric
Weapon Pack 8Back and forth
Weapon Pack 9Feliz Compleanos
Weapon Pack 9A blast from the past
Weapon Pack 9Mini-Me!
Weapon Pack 9Harness the spirits
Weapon Pack 9Lunar power
Weapon Pack 10When 'Cat' isn't enough
Weapon Pack 1025 shells should do the trick
Weapon Pack 10Ninja style
Weapon Pack 10Good luck taming this one
Weapon Pack 10Future-tech
DeluxeShoots three bursts of three shots
DeluxeCalls an ________ strike to a location
DeluxeSplits into ten right before contact
DeluxeBreaks into ten right after contact
DeluxeRolls backwards for a long time while
DeluxeShoots and wild stream of pellets
DeluxeHuge explosion, small damage
DeluxeShoots an O formation
DeluxeCreates a _________, eventually damaging the enemy

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