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QUIZ: Can you name the only country that the answer to the question could be?

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What is the only country that...Country
Has two 'Y's in its name?
Has over 18% of the world's human population?
Starts with a 'Q'?
Is also a continent?
Has a Bill of Rights for cows?
Can, in English, be spelled on just the top row of a Qwerty keyboard?
Does not have any wild snakes?
Borders Brunei?
Has wild lemurs?
Does not have a rectangular flag?
Has managed to graduate from the Least Developed Country status in Africa?
Bans women from driving?
Speaks Portuguese as its official language in North and South America?
Does not allow divorce? (now that Malta has allowed it there is only one country)
Starts with an 'O'?
What is the only country that...Country
Has three capitals?
Has used nuclear weapons in wartime?
Borders both the Mediterranean and Black Sea?
Is the only substantial landmass among a mid-oceanic ridge?
Has 'Sustainable Development'?
Has completely decriminalized the use of all kinds of drugs?
Contains more lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world?
Represents its land area on the official flag?
You can see the sun rise in the Pacific Ocean and set in the Atlantic Ocean?
Had the largest recorded earthquake in history?
Ends in an 'H'?
Still has an emporer as the head of the nation?
Carried out executions in 2010 in Europe?
Borders The Dominican Republic

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