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Can you name the characters from 'Clannad' and 'Clannad After Story' visual novel/anime series?

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Forced Order
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She is the residential manager of the boy's dorm and takes in a stray cat that likes the main character
The male protagonist who is a delinquent but helps re-establish the theater club with his future lover
She is a genius girl whose parents who were trying to discover the Hidden World died when she was young
She is a frail, Dango loving girl who is repeating her third year of high school for the second out of three times when she becomes friends with the main character
She is the younger sister of the main character's delinquent best friend who wants her brother to care about her like he used to
The younger twin who is shy and has a crush on the main character
The main character's best friend, he is a delinquent who was kicked off the soccer team for fighting as a first year student
She is a member of the chorus club who later helps the main character's wife get a job as a waitress
The daughter of the main character who lives with her deceased mother's parents until she is five
She teaches children in her house and is terrible at making bread
The main character's grandmother who explains how the main character's father really was not as bad a father as he thought
He was the leader of a gang and the older brother of the girl who takes care of the resource room, but died saving his fellow gang member
This is the pet boar of the aggressive older twin sister who often sneaks to school
She is married at the school she taught at to the former singer, and her sister has been in the hospital for several years
She takes care of the resource room and cares for people in gangs who seek refuge
While this boy is really dead, his cat who becomes a human grants one wish to the girl who will be the residential manger for the boy's dorm
The main character's homeroom teacher in his first year, he later helps organize a fake graduation for the the main character's girlfriend
She is the neighbor of the main character's girlfriend whose family name is used as a fake name several times
A former singer, he is now an electrician who later trains the main character
This girl tries to become the student counsil president in order to save the Sakura trees near the school
The older twin who is very aggressive and often throws books at people who make her angry
The main character's father who often drinks in order to relieve the stress of working, but angers his son because of this
This ghost-girl hands out starfish that she carved to others at school in order to get them to come to her sister's wedding
He often insults his wife's bread when she is unknowingly in the room and has to chase after her to say he loves her bread

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