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Can you name the words that begin with 'ped'?

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Sorry if the dictionary definitions I use are difficult to understand sometimes.
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A tricycle with a two-seat, covered passenger compartment
Soil that lacks a hardened layer of accumulated carbonates
A person walking on foot
Slave who escorts children to school
A lever pressed by the foot; to ride a bicycle
An instrument that records the number of steps a person takes
A male school teacher; one who parades his learning
Infestation of lice
A register recording a line of ancestors; recorded purity of a breed
The art, science, or profession of teaching
One who offers merchandise along a street or from door to door
Sexual perversion with children as the object
Care of the feet, toes, and nails
A specialist in the development, care, and diseases of children
Base of an upright structure; a position of esteem

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