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Can you name the band/artist by one of their song titles which is missing its vowels?

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There is only one song per band/artist. First letter of each word is capitalized if it is not a vowel.
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Vowel-less SongBandReal Song Name
Plntr (G!)
Pryr f Th Rfg
Th Nmbr f Th Bst
Rllng n Th Dp
Smlls Lk Tn Sprt
Msr Bsnss
Dmb Lv
Rd Cmr
Prt Rck nthm
Gtt Flng
Fl Lk Dncn'
Fr Y, nd Yr Dnl
Chck Ys Jlt
Lvn' n Pryr
Ht vrthng bt Y
Lv Lckdwn
N Slp Tll Brkln
Dncng Wth Mslf
Nt frd
Wlcm T Th Fml
Vowel-less SongBandReal Song Name
Snts f Ls ngls
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Wnt T Hld Yr Hnd
Strght Thrgh M Hrt
Mr. Knw t ll
Pnbll Wzrd
Mny Fr Nthng
Swt Hm lbm
Cndl n Th Wnd
Sh Thnks M Trctr's Sx
M nd Bbb McG
Rght Thr M
Rdmptn Sng
Hngr Lk Th Wlf
Pnt t Blck
Bhmn Rhpsd
Srfn' Sfr
Mstr f Pppts
Wtng Fr Th nd

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