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The ScoopNaughty Boy or Girl
DNA testing in 1998 indicated that someone in this president's paternal lineage was in fact the father of his slave's youngest child, though not necessarily him.
In 2008, he allegedly sent her repeated solicitous emails and text messages, as well as a picture of his 'Green Bay Packer.'
No charges were ever filed in 1993 because his accuser failed to accurately describe his...his spotted d...well, in England it's a steamed pudding.
This NBA Finals MVP was accused by his wife of 'engaging in sexual foreplay' with this 10 Things I Hate About You actress in front of their children
This couple sued the internet distribution company that converted their stolen honeymoon video into the original celebrity sex tape - and was awarded $1.5 million.
This Swedish actress' popularity in the wholesome post-war U.S. plummeted when her extramarital indiscretions were made public - but she'll always have Paris.
Charged with rape in 2003, this athlete - holding the 2nd best record for points scored in a single NBA game behind W. Chamberlain - maintains it was consensual. Albeit adulterous.
This world-famous athlete crashed his car into a tree in 2009 while fleeing from his enraged model wife. She had found out about at least one of...dozens?
After becoming a bona fide star, his pornographic film 'Party at Kitty and Stud's' was toned down and re-released as 'The Italian Stallion.'
In 1997 this Basketball Hall of Fame-inducted play-by-play announcer was fired from NBC after biting a woman's back 15 times, amongst other...weird...things.
'I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?' Maybe that his prostitute would turn out to be a man that he would sucker-punch upon the realization, earning probation?
In real life, unlike this cinematic tryst, she married the homosexual Edward II well after 'Braveheart's' death, left him for a French lover, deposed him, and arranged his murder.
This make-up clad bass guitarist estimates that he has bedded around 4,600 women - hopefully he wasn't just wearing latex in his face paint.
His wife served divorce papers in 1996 over his infidelity, and died in a mysterious car crash the following year. In 2005 he married 'the other woman.'
Filming an explicit sex tape and fathering a child with someone other than his terminally ill wife may have prevented this 2004 vice presidential candidate from being Obama's VP.
Upon arrest she gave her reason for severing his manhood as 'He always have orgasm, and he doesn't wait for me to have orgasm. He's selfish.' She was later found not guilty.
Girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley couldn't have been very happy when this dapper British charmer was arrested in 1995 for doing bad things in his car with a local prostitute.
His lyrics claimed he was 'not planning on going solo,' but that's exactly what he did in front of an undercover cop in an L.A. men's room in 1998, forcing him out of the closet.
This Republican Senator from Idaho was arrested in the Minneapolis airport in 2007 for soliciting an undercover officer with homosexual bathroom stall foot-tapping...who knew?
The ScoopNaughty Boy or Girl
Fireworks, diamonds, 17th century French castles; just 3 years after their extravagant wedding, his desperate housewife divorced him for repeatedly 'sexting' his teammates' wife.
Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
This Grammy-winning singer was detained by police upon landing in Miami after exposing himself to his fellow passenger and masturbating...suavemente.
This New Jersey governor resigned after admitting to an affair with his (male) homeland security advisor. His wife left him; he's now studying to become an Episcopal priest.
Her accusations against this Supreme Court Justice nominee considerably raised the nation's awareness of sexual harassment - but did not prevent his appointment.
He was caught picking up a pretty prostitute; turns out she had a 'Doolittle.' He now won't see his child by this Spice Girl cuz she tricked him into going 'Raw'
In 1991 this kid's show host was charged with indecent exposure in an adult theater; in 2004 with child pornography; neither prevented a hilarious, unexpected appearance in 'Buffy'
Innovative use of cigars, preserved bodily fluids - whatever it takes to get their minds off White Water.
The two scandalous affairs of this British Secretary of State for War are referenced in Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire'
This NFL quarterback was not convicted of any crime – but was suspended 4 games for what he 'didn't do' to a woman in Lake Tahoe and a 20 yr old student in a bar restroom in GA.
In 2005 this director called his scandal, leading to his divorce from Mia Farrow and marriage to her adopted daughter, 35 yrs his junior, 'one of the luckiest events of my life'
Turns out the epic rock anthem Layla was directed at the wife of his friend, George Harrison, totally breaking the Bro Code
Her self-absorbtion and refusal to acknowledge the existence of the viral sex tape that made her a household name while hosting SNL led Tina Fey to later call her 'a piece of s**t'
Could her scathing debut single really have been about this actor - Full House's Uncle Joey? It's like intense hatred of baby pandas.
Ain't nothin wrong with a lil Bump'n'Grind, but in 2002 a tape showed him having sex and urinating on a girl - only 14, which is way too 'hot and fresh out the kitchen.'
His affair with this underage Long Island Lolita led her to shoot his wife in the face; wife survived; girl became a pornstar; he became a Letterman punchline
Fans of 'Keeping Up' think she's famous 'for being famous,' but the guys know she rose to prominence after the release of a sex tape with Brandy's little brother.
Parents in a concentration camp and a murdered pregnant wife does not make it okay for a 43 year old director to drug and rape a 13 year old girl and flee the country.

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