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Can you come up with the English placenames that answer the clues given (which describe things other than UK towns/cities)?

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'Call of the Wild' author Jack
MLB 500-home run hitter Gary
Largest city in Alabama
Where the Pilgrims landed; also, a US car maker
Another American car company, or the Civil War president
University of Oklahoma Sooners quarterback from 2007-2009, Sam _______
'Little tiny child' carol, Olympic swimmer Kirsty, or a US health insurance provider
City in SE Maryland, or a type of steak
Industrial city in New Hampshire, named for the industrial city in England
A type of shirt, or a brand of paper products
Prominent suburb of Boston; home to Harvard
One of the three main cities in North Carolina's 'Research Triangle'; home to Duke University
One of Sarah Palin's daughters; also the Connecticut home of ESPN
An alternative to a shower, if one has extra time
Structural frame of a ship
One of two well-known, prestigious academies in Massachusetts, the other being Andover
Word that can follow 'Kentucky,' 'soap box,' 'pinewood,' or 'demolition'
Sheriff of Robin Hood fame
Largest US city minus 'New,' or the name of a town in Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania, town in close proximity to the previous rung; in England, fought the previous rung in the Wars of the Roses
Long Island vacation destination
Port city in New Hampshire; also a city and naval base in Virginia
City in Massachusetts; or, when combined with 'shire,' the name of a flavorful sauce
Capital of Delaware
Town in Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati
Half of a Brooklyn neighborhood, featured in the film 'Do the Right Thing'
Brand of cigarette; also a suburb of St. Louis
Sport that takes (American) football and football (soccer), and brings them together
Greedy child of the Dursley family in the 'Harry Potter' series
Tim ______, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

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