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Can you fill the blanks with the numbers contained within these popular song lyrics?

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'Well I'm runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load, I got ______ women on my mind'
'You load ______ tons, what do you get?'
'______ little birds right by my doorstep'
'P.C. ______ said 'we've got a [rhyme removed]', Maxwell stands alone'
'Tonight we're gonna party like it's ______'
'Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm ______?'
'James Dean in that Mercury '______'
'I've got ______ red-white-and-blue shoestrings, and [answer*25] telephones that don't ring'
'______ military wives, [answer*2] softly focused brightly colored eyes'
'From Camden Town station to ______th and ([answer*2]/11)th
'______ dreams I have found, in each one a red balloon'
'Midnight to ______ man, for the first time from Jamaica'
'But when I kissed the cop down at ______th and [rhyme removed], he broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number [(answer+2)/4]'
'In the gleaming corridor of the ______[ordinal suffix removed] floor'
'He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since ______'
(Related to first rung) '______ that wanna own me, [answer-2] that wanna stone me, [answer-3] says she's a friend of mine'
'Sprung from cages out on Highway ______, chrome-wheeled, fuel-injected and stepping out over the [rhyme removed]'
'That's [20-answer] for you, ______ for me'
'I read the news today, oh boy, ______ holes in Blackburn, Lancashire'
'Ain't got nothing but love, girl, ______ days a week'
'A ______-nation army couldn't hold me back'
'Dancing [rhyme removed], young and sweet, only ______'
'Well I left Kentucky back in ______, and went to Detroit working on a [rhyme removed]'
'American schools called you Starlight, in ______-point type'
'I danced till a-quarter to ______'
'All I ever wanted to do, was lie around in bed with you, but I was only ______'
'Well, there's ______ guitar pickers in Nashville'
'Marie is only ______ years old, information please, try to get me through to her in Memphis, Tennessee'
'He picked me up at ______ and he looked so fine'
'In the year ______, if man is still [rhyme removed]'
'Got my ______ on, so I can rock on'
'______ days since you laughed at me, saying 'get back together, come back and see me''
'It was ______ degrees, as we sat beneath a willow tree'
'Well I saved my pennies and I [rhyme removed], giddy-up, giddy-up ______'
'I got ______ days, [answer-1] of those are nights'
'______ miles high and fallin' fast'
'All the cats wanna dance with, sweet little ______'
'At ______ o'clock, I got to stop my dreaming at the counter of the store'
'Way back in history ______ years, in fact, ever since the world began'
'After ______ days in the desert sun, my skin began to turn red'
'He pulled out his chrome ______, talked some [profanity removed], and wound up dead'
'______ years ago they spoke out and they broke out'
'But even if there were ______ more, I wouldn't sleep a minute away'
'I heard you on the wireless back in '______'
'He got ______ watts, and a big acoustic tower'
'Fancy drinks and ______-dollar cover charge'
'Wants ______ dollar bills, but you've only got [answer-1]'
'And then the bride, the groom, the congregation and the priest, all got on to the train where we were ______ stations east'
'Nobody likes you when you're ______'
'I turned ______ in prison, doing life without parole'

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