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UNC Tar ___s
Banana covering
_____ Grants, a form of government student aid
Thing that rings
UNC's city, Chapel _____
Bottom of a boat, or a city in Northern England
'The Farmer in the ____'; also a computer company
'_____ or No ____', game show
_______ (Rung #23), UNC's arena
Of meat, without much fat
Arrangement to borrow money in exchange for future payment
Vocally express disappointment
Earth's satellite
Emotional state
Items for eating
Enjoying something greatly
007, James _____
Skeletal system component
To sharpen a skill
Residence, or the plate in baseball
(Rung #11) _______, UNC's arena
To arrive
Popular soda brand
Birthday treat
Landlocked body of water
Facebook feature
______ Krzyzewski, head coach of the last rung
Flood-control feature in the Netherlands
UNC's rival

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