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Is this a lasting treasure? Or just a moment's pleasure?The Shirelles
I'm a model you know what I mean. And I do my little turn at the catwalk.Right Said Fred
She'll turn the music on you. You won't have to think twice.Kim Carnes
When they said you was high classed, well that was just a lie.Elvis Presley
Eisenhower, Vaccine, England's got a new queen Marciano, Liberace, Santayana goodbye Billy Joel
Look outside the raincoat's gone and say 'oh'.Vampire Weekend
What did you see my blue-eyed son? And what did you see my darling young one?Bob Dylan
There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives. It's true we'll make a better day Just you and me.USA For Africa
There's always gonna be another mountain. I'm always gonna wanna make it move.Miley Cyrus
Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to be used by you.Eurythmics
Man made the boat for the water like Noah made the ark.James Brown
'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.The Jimi Hendrix Experience
When I was younger I saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind.Paramore
Will you defeat them? You demons and all the non-believers - the plans that they have made?My Chemical Romance
Sunrise doesn't last all morning. A cloudburst doesn't last all day.George Harrison
Here we are now; entertain us.Nirvana
They're forming in a straight line. They're going through a tight wind.Ramones

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