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Can you name the Philippines' Largest Municipalities?

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311,845Province of Rizal
294,310Province of Laguna
288,956Province of Rizal
280,904Province of Rizal
249,872Province of Rizal
243,322Province of Cavite
218,351Province of Bulacan
213,490Province of Cavite
205,255Province of Rizal
188,755Province of Cavite
185,624Province of Bulacan
150,843Province of Pampanga
146,851Province of Pampanga
143,565Province of Bulacan
142,854Province of Bulacan
139,832Province of Tarlac
138,894Province of Quezon
138,540Province of Cavite
138,273Province of South Cotabato
134,170Province of Cotabato
131,188Province of Occidental Mindoro
125,852Province of Tarlac
125,689Province of Bulacan
124,740Privince of Batangas
123,566 Province of Pangasinan
122,483Province of Batangas
121,348Province of Pampanga
118,307Province of Sulu
115,804Province of Albay
113,178Province of Cebu
113,014Province of Cotabato
112,707Province of Bataan
112,515Province of Nueva Ecija
111,521Province of Pangasinan
111,441Province of Pampanga
111,199Province of Nueva Ecija
110,943Province of Laguna
110,846Province of Pampanga
110,570Province of Quezon
109,568Province of Davao del Sur
109,269Province of Davao del Norte
107,188Benguet Province
106,649Province of Cebu
106,518Sarangani Province
106,407Province of Bulacan
105,561Province of Batangas
104,894Province of Nueva Ecija
103,597Province of Pampanga
103,095Province of Bulacan
102,407Province of Rizal

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