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Fifth years have to take these standardized tests
Greasy liquids
Synonym for slippery or slick
Wife of James Potter
Text lingo meaning 'Because I Love You'
Ron's oldest brother
Quidditch player Katie ____
Opposite of 'buy'
Semiaquatic mammal
Where one sits
A piece of information
Form of Harry's patronus
Driver of the Knight Bus ____ Shunpike
Actors Penn and Bean
Fellow Gryffindor ____ Thomas
Something the Tower of Pisa does
Chemical element represented by Pb
To allow someone to borrow something
To make something curve
Force between Harry and Voldemorts' wands
having an affection for
nutrition provider
Gryffindor quidditch captain Oliver ____
Sentence component
The main antagonist is ____ Voldemort
composed of animal fat
What a plane eventually does
Ollivander's merchandise
What Dumbledore badly injures
To suspend in air
Loyal companion of Hagrid
past tense of 'ring'
One of the horcruxes
What many musicians do
The immoral acts one commits
What fish have to help them move
What grows on Ficus trees
Squib neighbor of the Dursleys

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