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QUIZ: Can you name the words in this temperature based word ladder?

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'Don't give me the ____ shoulder'
synonym of cable
center of Jobs' fruit
Have feeling for
Essential at a casino
Both Shakespeare and Homer
What dogs and trees have in common
'____ the herald angels sing'
surname of actor Kevin
trading center
female horse
an extra amount
collective knowledge of a subject
a male member of nobility
A president as well as industrialist
'Im quite ____ of you'
Daniel Craig plays this agent
musical group
Essential for grabbing things
Antonym of soft
composed of animal fat
type of bird
Where one walks their dog
An advantage
A type of beauty treatment
Casual nickname for Greek messenger god
Damage in any way
A cotton-tailed mammal
Truth or ____
like a poorly lit room
What a bully might call you
Where your 13th grader might be living
An earthy garden dweller
Optimum shower temperature

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