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Can you name the words in this Super Hero Themed word ladder?

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•Robert Downey Jr. plays ____ Man•
2010 scifi film ____: Legacy
What children watch
Earth's natural satellite
Noises of a cow
Angry groups of rioters
What a tennis player often does
•WIth [RUNG 14], Superman's love•
The absence of something
Your supervisor at work
A common river fish
•The Dark Night Rises villain•
•WIth [RUNG 8], Superman's love•
What a plane eventually does
Fingers are part of this
Baseball player ____ Aaron
A large chunk or lump
•Bruce Banner's alter ego•
The outer coating of many fruits
What one is after a large meal
To roll up neatly and securely
•With [RUNG 39], S.H.I.E.L.D. director•
Congregation ofcourt participants
A popular female name
Beatle's song 'Hey ____'
Sixth month of the year
A melody or piece of music
Characteristic of sound
•Billionaire crime fighter ____ Stark•
Large amounts of weight
Bills with Alexander Hamilton on them
Like Jeopardy winner Jennings and Barbie's male counterpart
•Kryptonian Superhero Clark ____•
Prefix meaning 'five'
A quart is twice this
Mixture of red and white
Synonym for 'choose'
•With [RUNG 39], S.H.I.E.L.D. director•
Another word for 'kind'
Parasites found in hair
Stringy part of shoes
A spray that stings the eyes
Lions have these around their neck
What assists the elderly in walking
•Superhero costume necessity•

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